Polystichum Species Fern (native) and fritalleria container combination

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    I was inspired by @wcutler (link below) to do an experiment with a combo planter of evergreen fern + checkered (chequered for @Acerholic ) fritalleria bulbs purchased in package at garden shop in Sept

    there is a thread about ferns in one of the planting beds in Vanc west end Ferns: - Two polystichum ferns

    I am using am Alaskan fern — and we have native fritalleria on our ponderosa forest Okanagan (nr Penticton) so it has special meaning to me

    And I am interested in combination planter containers so am experimenting with Alaska fern and purchased nursery grown checkered fritalleria for spring display at the ocean coast nr Vanc

    We shall see!

    i have attached photo of BBC GARDEN WORLD idea website

    And photos of my Alaska fern in a container on which I just planted 10 viable bulbs


    will report back
    (Keep in mind I tried allium with hosta based on Pinterest - or maybe Highgrove! — oh dear - and deer — my result very much uninstantgram (spelling intended) )

    what a blessing to have the luxury of plants who put up with our design efforts - I see carefully researched questions and I think - as Garden World BBC suggests - common sense and do best to emulate true native environment

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