Please Id this type of squash

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    I volunteer for Seeds of Diversity Canada. Last seedy Saturday at the Historic Stewart Farm in Crescent Beach I was giving plants and seeds to visitors from my garden. A chinese lady came to me and eagerly offered some seeds to me. She called it the cutting squash. I was unable to find any information under that name on the internet. The plant was enormous but only one flower came to full fruition inspite of the frequent pollinators who visited the plant all summer. This squash is about 3 feet long ( although it is curled up ) and is very dense and heavy. What does it look like to you. Thanks!!!!

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    It looks like a crook neck squash, a type of Cucurbita moschata. There are photos showing the variation in shapes at this Bing search.
    There's a cultivar called Tromboncino that is a summer squash.

    If you have photos of the flowers and leaves, why not add them - you can't be sure what will be a clue for someone. And tell us what colour is the flesh.
    I will delete your duplicate posting and move this to Fruits and Vegetables. It's too confusing to have people answering in two places. I know - no-one answered, but, you know, in case there is a flurry of responses.

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