Please help me save my roses!

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    I have two rose bushes out back. One is what we call here a wild rose. They are hardier, more solid and large thorns and grow like weeds. Nothing smells as good as these. I planted this one a few years ago and only once has it flowered and it was a pitiful bloom. It seems to have grown leggy and something is eating it up and giving it a diseased look. It isn't aphids this summer, yet. I have had aphids and worked diligently for three days using soapy water and a sprayer/hose to clean them off. What ever is on it now leaves a dirty looking pile of black spots around the bud so the flowers are killed before they can grow. The leaves also are eaten and curled. Pictures below.

    The other rose is also a wild rose with a small petaled pink flower that comes in. It has double in size since last year. healthy looking but also has curled leaves and between the new shoots is a gooey white mess. Not sure if there are eggs in there or not. Photo at bottom. I am considering cutting the first rose down to stumps and removing it, cleaning up the earth there and adding to it and putting the bush somewhere else. I just worry that it might infect my other plants.

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    Rugosa rose with a spot where there was a caterpillar and a species rose (Rugosa roses in gardens can be pure Rosa rugosa forms or hybrids of it) with a spittle bug.

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