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Discussion in 'Plants: Identification' started by Joe Keller, Apr 28, 2005.

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    Richmond, B.C.
    I grew this alpine plant from seed collected near Kootenay Pass. I think that it is a Suksdorfia ranunculifolia but I am not certain. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. JK

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  2. Daniel Mosquin

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    Hi Joe and welcome to the forums,

    I can see why you'd be uncertain about this one. The leaves match the description of Suksdorfia ranunculifolia, but the overlapping flower petals and petal shape seem to be a bit different than what one would expect from the species. I'll have to do more research on this one.
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    Black Ceek, B.C., Canada
    At the annual Spring Show of the Alpine Garden Club of B.C., held at VanDusen Botanical Garden last April 9th and 10th, Joe Keller won the following trophies:
    1. Best in Show - Best Miniature Garden
    2. Best Primula - Primula x forsteri
    3. Best Cushion Plant - Silene acaulis
    4. Best Alpine Plant - Androsace pyrenaica
    5. Best Native B.C. Alpine Plant - Cheilanthes gracillima
    Highest Aggregate Points

    Congratulations Joe, and welcome to the UBC forums.

    Miniature Garden photo by Daniel Mosquin, the other two photos are by Ian Gillam.

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