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    southwestern ontario, canada
    We live in southwestern Ontario, Canada and unfortunately we also live very close to backyard neighbours. Our climate ranges from a low of minus 15 celcius in the winter to a high of plus 30 celcius in the summer. Our backyard gets lots of sun in the summer and very little water. We are very new to gardening/landscaping and we are looking for a plant which meets the following criteria (if any):

    -at least 8 feet high in year of planting (don't have to wait a year or ten in order to get the benefit)
    -good screening properties year round
    -comes up year after year or never goes away
    -requires little water in the summer
    -requires little maintenance

    We were thinking that there might be a tall, decorative grass that might suit but we would greatly appreciate any help on this one.

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    Vancouver, BC
    The cultural requirements for plantings are quite different in southwestern Ontario and B.C. For this reason I suggest visiting one of your local Garden Centres which would be able to give you advice as to suitable plantings. As a suggestion there are many varieties of Cedars which act as an excellent screen but you would have to check carefully as to the hardiness.

    Thank you for your enquiry and Good Luck.

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