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    Hi fellow gardening fiends:

    I'm LOOKING FOR Sungold and Siltez tomato seeds, crimson clover and sweet Lorane fava beans (large quantities, as I'm using them for ground cover) or .... try me!

    FOR TRADE have Rosemary and thyme plants

    Strawberry plants -- starts and established plants (June bearing, alpine and pink flowered ground cover)

    Sunchokes (also called Jersaleum artichokes) -- a very cool vegetable. Produces pretty sunflower type-flowers and tasty roots and will grow in poor soil. Trendy and hard to find. Grow your own! Or just eat the tubers to try them out.

    Jacob's ladder (polemonium) established plants and seeds -- pretty blue flowers, nice foliage, enthusiastic (already growing strong in my garden)

    Euphorbia (a smaller variety)

    Hostas, including the expensive ($27!!)and award-winning Stained Glass variety.

    Seeds: organic, open pollinated fennel, thyme and parsley

    nemesia (parents were pink or white)

    columbine/aqueligia (parents


    Bee Mixture seed from West Coast Seeds

    and some old seeds/bulbs:

    Melon -- Marygold casaba Melon

    Flower – perennial Erygnium alpinum (sea holly)

    Flower – Annual Four O’Clocks (fragrant)

    Bulbs -- Gladioli (mixed)
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