Arbutus: planting 10 year old Arbutus sapling

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    I planted a ~10 year old arbutus sapling in early March in Victoria, and am wondering about planting shock in the species.

    The saplings is around 1.5 ft fall and planted out of a small (20x20 cm) pot. I planted the arbutus in a south facing bed in full sun and was careful not to disturb its roots during transplant (the tree appeared root bound). I have recently noticed that a few of the upper leaves are getting yellow, and seem dry and brittle. Is this normal planting shock or is the site unsuitable (well drained but loamy soil)?
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    Fine-textured soil has a greater attraction for water than coarse soil. Maybe the coarse potting soil is losing moisture to finer textured existing soil around it. This is a common problem, and one of the reasons bare-rooting at planting is now being recommended by some. Another reason is the common problem of rootbound, kinked or j-rooted container-grown nursery stock. Rootbound trees and shrubs may fall over later.

    Garden centers are loathe to recommend bare-rooting at planting, removed the burlap etc. because they are afraid customers will let plants so handled dry out - either during or after planting - and bring them back.

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