Identification: plant with dark pink/red flowers?

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  1. I received this plant as a gift from a student. Sorry I can't post pictures, I don't have the technology yet. I'll describe it as best I can.

    It has several woody stems in the pot. (Leading me to believe it might be a shrub?)

    The dark green leaves grow right off each stem. They're about 3 inches long with scalloped edges, pointed tip and rounded base. The flowers grow from the top of each stem, one-three on each stem. You can see the pink tint through the bud, which seems to open slowly.

    I have it in a window with morning sun and it's doing well, but seems to dry out quickly.

    The flowers I've seen so far open overnight, and only last a day or two before they fall off, leaving the "cup"-shaped base on the stem with a little "water" in the cup.

    The flowers themselves, like I said, are dark purple-pink-redish in color. There's a large, long stamen (?-the part in the middle with the pollen.) that is bright yellow. The yellow stuff comes off before the flower falls. The flower drops off as a whole, including the stamen. It has several petals that are 3 or so inches long and flat.

    Hope this is enough for a good guess - Thanks!
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    Just a wild guess

    Except for the discription of the leaves coming right off the stem it sounds a bit like a hibiscus, see attached photo. There are hardy hibiscus also known as Rose-of-Sharon (large shrubs - not suitable for houseplants) and tropical hibiscus (only large shrubs in the right climate, outside in the ground).

    Anyways, just a guess...

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