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    I am hoping that someone can help me ID a plant. I don't know where it originated, but it is being grown as a houseplant Friends gave us cuttings, which we planted and photographed - I'm attaching a photo.

    Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer.


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  2. I believe this is Hatiora salicornioides commonly known as Drunkard's Dream. I have the same plant but it has only flowered once. Please reply if anyone knows what conditions are required for it to flower. I suspect it has to do with the length of darkness it receives.
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    Black Ceek, B.C., Canada
    Hatiora salicornioides, syn. H. cylindrica, is an epiphyte closely related to the more common Easter cactus, H. gaertneri. Like most epiphytes, this species requires bright growing conditions, soil pH less than 6, at least 15°C (59)°F, but should be sheltered from full sun from 10.00 to 15.00 hrs.
    To induce flowering, reduce moisture to a minimum in the dormant period and lower temperature to 10°C (50)°F until flower buds form.

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