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    I had an area around my deck landscaped this spring & have been coughing ever since.
    My doctor feels that I am allergic to one of the species of plants which are new to my environment.

    Does anyone know an information source regarding various plants and their possible relationship to allergies?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. allergens from plants

    Hello Jerilyns,

    Since your symptoms are coughing, I imagine that your new landscaped area is producing some pollen that is causing irritation in your respiratory tract. Did you plant any trees/shrubs? What about plants in the Composite family (like sunflowers)? Do you experience any mucus, watery eyes or sneezing as well?

    I suggest that you check each new plant you have there in a web-based database about medicinal plants because often allergies and toxicities are well-documented or cross-referenced:

    Alternatively, you might try a compendium or a text volume from the library about pollen allergies (try searching the library database for environmental allergies, perhaps under medicine or human health).

    Best of luck,
    Shannon Binns (UBC Assistant Professor - Medicinal Plants and Agroecology)

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