Identification: Pink Perfection - double raspberry swirl flowers, flimsy tree, late season

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    It turns out we have no thread of just 'Pink Perfection', and I have some photos. Though this name was used for a while (years) for trees that are really 'Kanzan', leading to no end of confusion, they are quite different in appearance from 'Kanzan'.
    Identification: - Kanzan vs Pink Perfection?? Large showy double pink blossoms, bronze leaves, late sea describes the differences in three excruciating pages of discovery.

    'Pink Perfection' are delicate trees, a characteristic taken from their 'Shogetsu' parent. A double row of them will never form an arch over any road. @Ron B has described the flowers as looking like "like ice cream with their candy pink margins and white centers". Cherry scout Janet Morley used the term "raspberry swirl". Many flowers have the beginnings of a second-story flower in the centre. The stamens have little white flags on top (vexillate filaments).
    PInkPerfection_PattersonMayberry_Cutler_2018_04_27_P1340399.JPG PInkPerfection_PattersonMayberry_Cutler_2018_04_27_P1340400.JPG PInkPerfection_PattersonMayberry_Cutler_2018_04_27_P1340402.JPG PInkPerfection_PattersonMayberry_Cutler_2018_04_27_P1340403.JPG PInkPerfection_PattersonMayberry_Cutler_2018_04_27_P1340404.JPG PInkPerfection_PattersonMayberry_Cutler_2018_04_27_P1340410.JPG PInkPerfection_PattersonMayberry_Cutler_2018_04_27_P1340413.JPG PInkPerfection_PattersonMayberry_Cutler_2018_04_27_P1340414.JPG PInkPerfection_PattersonMayberry_Cutler_2018_04_27_P1340416.JPG

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