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Discussion in 'Cornus (dogwoods)' started by Linda Luttrell, May 8, 2007.

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    I live in an old neighboorhood that was once filled with both pink and white dogwoods. About three years ago, something killed all but two of these beautiful trees. I'd heard it called a "blight," "infestation," etc. I've asked locally about how to fertilize and keep these trees' resistance up...I've also heard that a pink tree is more sensitive to its environment that the whites.

    I've planted more pinks in my yard and would love more information about what I can do to keep them healthy. The ones I planted about eight weeks ago are healthy and thriving and I want to keep them that way.

    Would love to hear from any one, especially in the deep south, about which fertilizers and any herbicides that are especially good for the pinks. I wait impatiently every spring for my dogwoods to bloom! My whites are always healthy and I want to make sure the pinks stay that way too! I've just heard so many different stories about them, that I'm a little confused about whether or not they are indeed more sensitive and need that extra TLC!

    Thanks so much for any sage advice you can provide!

    Linda Luttrell
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    Hi Linda,

    I have heard that some pink forms of Cornus florida may be less hardy in general than some of the white cultivars. From "Dogwoods; The Genus Cornus" (2005) "In general, C. florida var. rubra is purported to be less vigorous and cold tolerant than the species; however, this has never been put to a test of sufficient rigor."

    One of the worst diseases that this tree suffers from is dogwood anthracnose, which can potentially wipe out entire populations of the plant within a given area. Researchers and breeders have been working on selections that are resistant to this disease, and have released one named 'Appalachian Spring' that is reported to have superior resistance - likely more to come in the future.

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