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    Nothing particularly interesting about the photo (adjusted to make the pigeon brighter compared to the deep shadow its in), but an interesting story.

    I decided that this pigeon was either incredibly smart or incredibly not-so-smart. As I was driving along the main road that cuts the Mars Hill WMA in two, I noticed this pigeon in the middle of the road. I was driving fairly leisurely to spot wildflowers, but still at a speed that most birds would have flown away when the vehicle came to within ten metres or so. Not this pigeon. It valiantly stood its ground, and hadn't flown away by the time I could no longer see it beyond the hood of the truck.

    I should mention (it becomes important later) that it was a fairly hot day, 28 degrees Celsius or so, and I had the air conditioning on.

    I stopped the vehicle, went to the front of the truck to see if the pigeon was there (and to snap a pic) - no pigeon! I hadn't seen it fly away. Go to the side of the truck. Look under the truck. I had found the pigeon.

    If you look closely at the photo, you'll note water drops on his back. He went directly to where the air conditioning unit was dripping water onto the ground and had a little shower while pecking the wet gravel.

    I let him have a bit of a refresher, then shooed him off by getting closer with the camera.

    Mars Hill Wildlife Management Area
    Brokenhead, Manitoba
    July 20, 2004
    Photo by Daniel Mosquin
    (Canon 300D)

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