phytoremediation in water

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  1. I am an Industrial design student looking for plants that will suite my Grad project which is a self contained grey water system. Does any one know what water plants one should use or a place to look for the various properties of water plants for phytoremediation. Also I am looking for a list of Native plants from south false creek before the Europeans came to Vancouver.

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    I have seen this topic over the years but I would be hard pressed to remember where... Try NASA? Try finding information about the Annacis treatment plant and perhaps the biosphere project.
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    There seems to be a lot of information about phytoremediation on the web. For those reading who do not know what phytoremediation is, it is the process of using plants to absorb toxic waste. Some plants take up large amounts of mercury or cadmium for example. These plants can be used to pull these metals from contaminated soils. Water can be filtered through beds of certain plants to remove contaminants as part of the waste-water treatment process.

    To learn more about this fascinating green technology see Phytoremediation: An Environmentally Sound Technology for Pollution Prevention, Control and Redmediation (sic), a paper from the United Nations Environmental Programme.

    Unregistered (Dion?), there are some plants listed a few pages into the publication. I think if you do some net-searching you will find more.

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