Philodendron , phunny phoney names !

Discussion in 'Araceae' started by trikus, Nov 12, 2007.

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    Tropical North Queensland , Australia
    Quick trip up to the big smoke of Cairns yesterday , and could not resist dropping into the oldest and best nursery there , Limberlost in Freshwater . Its been going for 50 years , or close to it .
    I have seen adverts from the late '50's in old magazines .

    They always have lots of very well grown plants for reasonable prices .
    Pots of a Philo, I recognized as pinnatifidum but was called 'Pegasus'
    Love this plant saw a great clump growing just over the road from the beach .
    It had split into several growth points and was growing in full sun so was only a little over 1m high .
    Eventually pried away a sucker as the owner thought it had spread a bit to much .

    Another ridiculous name was put onto Philo. goeldii when sold here ...'Fun Bun'
    They sold like hot cakes , the council has used mass plantings in the median stripes .
    Looks amazing growing between the Hwy on the way to the airport.

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    I hate it when they do that. There is a mail order nursery here, I won't name them, but they operate in a northern state...they put ridiculous names on everything they sell.
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    Sometimes I think they just make it up!!


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