Phalaenopsis Orchid losing blooms

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    I recently bought 3 phalaenopsis orchid plants which were in full bloom. They all did well for a while then they started dropping their blooms. One remained in flower for six weeks but the other two lost the flowers whithin 2 weeks.
    I was encouraged when one plant grew 4 new off-shoots from the main stalk with 10 or more new buds but I noticed in the last few days that the buds are turning yellow and dropping off. I moved the plants from their original location because it was too warm and the light was too intense although not direct. They are now on a south facing window in a very bright room but no direct sun. They are growing in orchid bark in 4 inch transparent pots placed inside terracotta pots and the root tips look green and healthy. The average temperature in the room is 81F and the humidity is between 40 to 60%. The night temperature does not drop much probably no lower than 74F. I have the pots standing on pebbles with water underneath. I water them about once a week and I have now started misting the leaves and growing medium daily.
    Would someone please tell me what I am doing wrong before I kill these plants.

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