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Discussion in 'Garden Pest Management and Identification' started by latkins, Aug 28, 2006.

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    I have something eating my Laburnum Tree, Climbing Hydrangea and Viburnum Tinus shrub. I took cuttings to the nursery and they said it looks like tent caterpillars because the bites from the leaves are quite large. However, I cannot find any evidence of either that little critter nor his tent. They recommended I spray with Safer's Trounce which I have done, so I will keep an eye on what happens if anything. Also, my Butterfly Bush is being eaten they think by earwigs. If anyone out there could offer some advice on diagnosis and/or treatment, I would be so grateful.
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    A little more information would help, such as a shape of the bites. If you have a photo of the damage, a diagnosis would be easier.

    If the bites are U-shaped, you may have weevils, a nasty pest that is immune to most pesticide treatments. But if they are really large bites, and semi-circular in shape, then you probably have leaf-cutter bees, which are harmless although they do disfigure the leaves for the season. Even tent caterpillars are arguably quite harmless, ultimately, as they cycle through high and low years but in my experience don't do much damage outside their tents.

    As a general principle, you should never embark on treatment before getting a solid diagnosis. Sheesh, just when I go out on a limb to recommend that people go to nurseries for information (as I did on another thread), one gives you a bum steer like that.

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