Persimmon tree not flowering

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    My Fuyu persimmon tree is not blooming. I got the persimmon tree 5 years ago with fruit on it and the entire top half of the tree broke when a raccoon tried to get to the fruit. Now, still not a single flower. I carefully checked every branch each year for flowers but there isn't any. I went to a old nursery yesterday with neglected Fuyu persimmon trees and even their root bound trees have flowers on it. Their persimmons are cramped in small pots and their leaves look terrible. I also saw many large persimmon trees around my area and they all have flowers on it. I don't think my persimmon is from the rootstock as the lowest shoot is 60cm from the soil. The leaves look ok so I did not fertilize my persimmon. The persimmon receives 6 hours of sun per day. I just don't see any reasons that my persimmon should not be blooming right now.
    I'm tempted to buy another Fuyu that actually fruits as so many nurseries as carrying them.

    Picture one was taken the spring following the branch breaking.
    Picture two was taken two years ago.
    Picture three- last week

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