Permanent removal of ponytail palm

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    I posted this in another forum but I hope to get opinions here on how to proceed.

    I have (or had) a GINORMOUS (over 13' tall) ponytail that I had to remove because the PO of my house placed a lot of stone around it and the stones and the base/caudex crushed two of my sprinkler zones between the house, and stones. The only way to repair the sprinkler zones was to remove the ponytail. What a job!

    I had to chop the trunk one bit at a time to get the base/caudex out, my questions are:

    1. Can I leave any of the enormous amount of small sized material with little roots sticking out in the hole? Or will it re-grow the tree from roots.

    2. Can whatever is left over (which is a lot) be left to dry out and be left as a mulch bed (is it any use as mulch?) for some of my fruit trees or will the roots sticking out of the small bits re-grow into another tree?

    3. Or is the safest path to proceed to pickup every piece and throw it out with the trash over a few weeks?

    I really like the idea of keeping the bio material but do not want to be chasing little trees around as I have no idea if the roots are weeds and like able to sprout a new tree(s).

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