Identification: Pear tree Is this fire blight?

Discussion in 'Fruit and Nut Trees' started by ivanakos, Jun 18, 2013.

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    Hi Folks

    I live in the UK, This is my first post.
    I have the pear tree for a month now and I noticed black spots on the leaves and the lots of insects on the new tender branches.
    Now It's black on the new branches as well.. I heard about fire blight but not sure if this is what it is.. (please see attached pictures_
    If this is fire blight do I need to prune the infected areas?

    Many Thanks


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    salt spring island,bc
    welcome to the forum. i am not sure what is wrong with your young tree, but chances are whatever it is, the tree was infected at the florist/garden centre. these places are often bug/bacteria infested and barely controlling it. once the tree/plant is taken home these problems will thrive, especially if brought inside for any length in time before planting.
    i would dig it up and return it for another. take the new one and place it far from where you intend to plant it until you have treated the soil with safer soap or (my personal fav) food grade hydrogen peroxide to kill bugs and sterilize soil. wash the new tree and its roots with safer soap/anti-bacterial and bug killer of some variety. throw out the soil...bag it tightly. or compost it. if it is necessary to re-use some it must be baked at 450 for 4 hrs to kill mould/bacteria/ bugs and eggs.
    sorry i couldn't be of more help. good luck.
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    Our 3 pears, Bartlett, Summer Crisp and Luscious, two years in the ground, after a late start this year in a record cool and damp spring, bloomed quickly and set perhaps 2 dozen fruit a piece. The cool rains persisted, and they all came to appear as yours: black spots and some black streaking on the stems, with some leaf curl. There were 3 frost warnings, and the trees were covered with sheets, but who knows if damage occurred.

    With no experience to rely on, and a reluctance to spray chemicals around haphazardly, I aggressively picked off the affected members and I tried a vinegar and water spray recommended here:
    Now, 3 weeks later, most of the fruit has disappeared, but so has the black areas and leaf curl, and the trees seem to have resumed vegetative growth.
    Still don't know if it was fire blight, but we plan to move the trees to a place less apt to blossom so early in the fall, and limit spring pruning early next year.
    Good luck!

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