Paris polyphylla seed

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    My Paris developed seed this year. The "berries" are red and still attached but are very loose in the open pod now.

    So how shall I propagate? I was planning to remove and wash the red fruit off of the seed like I do my Arisaema and then sow in pots leaving some indoors and some outdoors.
    But my supply is limited and I would like as much success as possible.
    Thank you.
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    The following information about the propagation of Paris polyphylla I found in the book 'The Explorer's Garden' by
    Daniel Hinkley. He says that germination is slow and inconsistent. There appears to be a mycorrhizal symbiosis which he explains as a mutual association of root cells with certain fungi which helps germination. He suggests that you take a small amount of soil from near the parent plant and mix it in with the seed compost.

    Paris appears to have a double dormancy and will not germinate until the second spring and will then take 5 or 6 more years to bloom. No wonder the plants are so hard to come by.
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