Paeonia Ludlowii 'Lutea'

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    I have a Paeony (Ludlowii 'Lutea') that I started from seed about 9 years ago. I let it produce a few seed pods and was going to try and start some more.
    I am not sure whether the seed campsule is to turn brown (from green) and split and this is when the seeds are ready? Do not to pick them off too early.

    The Paeony I started was not done with any expertise on my part and if anyone has a
    tried and true method of propagation, I would very much appreciate any info?
    Do these seeds germinate better if sown as soon as ripe, as so many seeds seem to do?
    Thank you for any feed back.
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    Hi Charles

    I've grown many Paeonia from seed. All need a period of warm and cold stratification to germinate. You can sow the seeds (3 cm deep) in a 2 gallon pot (up to 15-20/pot) filled with a well draining medium. In spring/summer the seed will put down a root. The following spring a leafy shoot should emerge. I highly recommend using wire mesh to prevent birds from scratching up your seeds or mice nibbling on them. Don't let the medium dry out too much during the summer. A thin layer of mulch is good to retain moisture and keep the soil cool.

    Paeonia lutea seeds should be large (2cm long), nearly black, well filled, with a smooth slick oily seed coat.

    I grow the seedlings for 2 years in the pot before transplanting out as first year seedlings are very, very tender.

    Don't be tempted to grub in the soil to check for sprouts as the seedling root is very tender and you are more liable to tear the seed from its root...this is lethal.

    Hope this helps and happy growing!


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