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    I'm hoping it isn't a forum rule that only Daniel can post here. Just joking...

    Here is my Pachypodium geayi, brutal spines and all. A diagnostic feature of this plant is that the spines are in groups of 3. This is a great plant and grows very well! 042.jpg?dc=4675432925775778007

    Next are my seedlings of Pachypodium succulentum. They are only a few months old, and are grown from seed sent from a plantly cohort in California. They are already developing the fat 'pachycaul' stems. 044.jpg?dc=4675432925776546329

    And last, but not least, are my seedlings of a doubly hybrid Pachypodium. These are hybrids between a Pachypodium succulentum x namaquanum and a Pachypodium succulentum. 041.jpg?dc=4675432925775078086

    All of these live on my "desert windowsill", which is home to 30-40 plants.

    kathleen :o)
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