Propagation: Pachy lamerei: We're looking to propagate it

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    We live in Toronto and have a madagascar palm that is roughly 10 - 12 years old and has always been indoors. Got it 9 years ago when it was 8", 20 cm tall. It's now 28", 70 cm and has been generally healthy every year. It hasn't branched and generally has a good bunch of leaves come out each year. Last year the leaves actually survived over the winter.

    We're looking to find out how to get it to produce offsets so we can propagate it and get more little pachys to enjoy. It has been in the same pot for about 3 years now and generally gets later afternoon and evening sun. (Maybe 6-7 hours a day during the summer. Have you had any success with yours any secrets to share?


    Gord and Heli

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