Identification: Our pine that just broke - Pinus nigra?

Discussion in 'Gymnosperms (incl. Conifers)' started by wcutler, Jun 29, 2021.

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    At 8:20 this morning, the top half of one of the several pines planted over the parkade in my building fell over. A neighbour sounded quite certain when she said it was a jack pine (Pinus banksiana), but those needles are supposed to be very short, and the needles here top out around 16cm long. So, European black pine?
    Pinus_HomeGarden_Cutler_20210629_111319.jpg Pinus_HomeGarden_Cutler_20210629_111443.jpg Pinus_HomeGarden_Cutler_20210629_112212.jpg Pinus_HomeGarden_Cutler_20210629_112034.jpg
    Pinus_HomeGarden_Cutler_20210629_111708.jpg Pinus_HomeGarden_Cutler_20210629_111736.jpg Pinus_HomeGarden_Cutler_20210629_111723.jpg Pinus_HomeGarden_Cutler_20210629_111910.jpg
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    Yes, Pinus nigra. Looks like a forked trunk, notorious weak point very liable to break - probably the result on weevil or pine shoot moth damage killing the lead shoot all those years ago, and causing it to be replaced by two (or more) side branches.
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