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    Hi, I have variaty of d. anosmum. They are from java, borneo, papua and thailand. I have also d. anosmum var. alba, semi alba, dearii and huttonii. I have 3 questions about this species. In some books and internet sites said that d. anosmum is synonym with d. superbum. Some others said that d. superbum is variety of d. anosmum, and name will change to d.anosmum var. superbum. Which one is correct ?. Is d. anosmum var. dearii synonym with d. anosmum var. alba ?. what about d. anosmum var. huttonii, is synonym with d. anosmum var. celebes?
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    TROPICOS (Missouri Botanical Garden) lists Dendrobium anosmum Lindl. as a species. It does not indicate it is a synonym of another species. Possible it may be though since sometimes it takes awhile for the scientific sites to bring everything up to the latest taxonomic findings.

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