Orchid's leathery leaves is causing itself problems

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    Hi, so I worked in a college residence last year and I found an orchid in the garbage room(End of April), in utterly terrible shape, all the water roots except one had rotted off and it was all wrinkly. Fast forward 5 months and I've been trying to save it and so far it's doing well although it went into shock after I found it (I'm guessing) because it didn't do anything at all until August when it began growing a new leaf.

    I thought the bump under the bottom leaf was a root but nothing could grow through the bottom leaf and eventually the root turned black. Now I noticed another root growing the other day and because it seems the bottom leaf is really leathery it doesn't seem like any of the roots can push through it and end up dying. My solution was to just cut open the leaf to that the root can grow out.

    Has anyone else ever dealt with a situation like this? I'd love to know what to do because I feel bad cutting open it's leaves but if its roots can't get out it'll just die!

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    Seems to be doing well enough now compared to where you first found it. I'm guessing this is aerial root initiation--it's interesting that is occurring at sites on the plant where things are congested, but I suppose not unlikely for a recovering plant. Though, I'm not speaking from any direct experience.

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