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Discussion in 'Orchidaceae (orchids)' started by spawn, Jun 27, 2006.

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    Hello All,
    A friend gave me this orchid, I would like to know what it is so i can take proper care of it.
    thank you,


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    Hello Spawn,
    So sorry that I cannot id this orchid. Didn't your friend know?
    The plant looks newly mounted. Did he do this or did you mount the orchid?
    Where do you have the plant? In a greenhouse or in the house?
    If you do not see any roots at all that are growing onto the coconut shell and if you mounted it and it was rootless then I would recommend that you keep the plant in an area of high humidity of at least 60% humidity. this will help it not shrivel up too much. For the time being I would treat this plant as a Laelia.
    That means grow it harder than you would a cattleya. Laelias tend to go dry much more than cats and prefer drought as an inducement for setting flower spikes. Is that a spike that is growing out of one of the bulbs (figure 14026-lower left leaf)?
    Currently I have an Encyclia species (E. tampense) that I broke up and mounted several as bare bulbs on cork. These babies are basically rootless and my technique is to spray them daily at least once (the outside one at least twice) per day in a g/h of some 60% to 80% humidity. Rooting will occur in the course of time as well as new growth which as it grows will set out more new roots. Again just spray (I use a pressure sprayer on mist).
    Hope this helps.

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