orchards/nurseries in southern b.c.

Discussion in 'HortForum' started by Jean Scott, May 21, 2002.

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    The following was received via email:

    After reading through your website about the spectacular collection of plants you are growing, we thought you may be a good resource to make in inquiry to. The native plant garden sounds great! We were wondering if you may have any information and/or helpful suggestions for us about orchards and nurseries in southern BC. We are looking to work and learn at an organic fruit/nut tree/native plant orchard or nursery that propagates its own material. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm very glad that you have found such a great interest in our UBC native garden. My hortline partner and I have tried to search on the web with a long list of native plant nuseries directory and information on organic food production. And there should be a fair amount of links that you could visit.

    This web site has a list of native plants nurseries and organizations.

    This web site has a list of BC nurseries.

    The web site of certified Organic Associations of British Columbia

    web site of ministry of agriculture and food of BC

    Look for any information for job posting, or you could call the nursery for more detail. Hope this will help... good luck! :)

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