Orange Tree Seedling(s) in distress!

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    Hello, I have two orange tree seedlings I grew from some small oranges last summer (completely by fluke- I simply stuck them in a pot full of soil and there they grew.) I have two though one is much larger than the other. The first is about 5innches tall with a few little branches that all have leaves. The second only had the top sprout before it got sick and both leaves it had have fallen off. Though the stem is still green (though brown is going downwards slowly killing it- I don't have much hope).

    My issue is, I went away for the summer, and came back to find the little one with a single dead leaf (that fell right off when I accidentally touched it with the watering can-my bad) and the other with one of it's first two original leaves curling up from the tip inward and turned brown about halfway through. The smaller seedling had, had this happen to both it's leaves and the brown is currently traveling down the stem.

    I rinsed off all the leaves as I thought it might be some kind of little bug that traveled over from some obviously dying cacti the summer caretaker had placed the seedling's pot beside. I've been watering it well (though I know now I need better soil as it's currently in some kind of miracle grow potting mix) I also came home today to find the half brown leaf and the other top leaf had both fallen off.

    Now I'm wondering if I should remove all the old soil when I do get some better stuff or leave some in. The plants also seemed to have stopped growing any bigger but as it's September should I really move them around too much? (Oh! These plants are currently kept inside in around 70 degrees- same pot a few inches apart. The second seedling was only about 2inches tall. Poor little thing)

    Thanks very much for anything anyone can suggest!

    Here are the few web cam pictures I took, they aren't very good. You can't see the stem of the second seedling at all. Better pictures may yet come. The leaves that have fallen off are visible in the bottom. The larger is the half brown leaf..

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