Orange Lily I & II

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    Suggestions for a word that these mandala images evoke, a complementary quote, or some history or other information about the flower itself are most welcome.

    - David
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    a name for #2

    In a Persian Past Life
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    Swallowtail volupte

    Homeboy honk, whaddup?

    Volupte, an obscure novel by Etienne St. Auxpierre, is about a country boy who falls hopelessly in love with a married woman, goes off and gets mindless in Parisian bordello flesh and drugs.

    Flower image:

    Volupte swallowtail. A mesmerizing drink, it swirls me down like a married woman. Who is the drink, who the drinker? Hopeless. I'll never be part of that image, even though she's drenched, saturated with colors, curves, luscious dyes, the appealing sexuality of a mother swallowing all hopes down into herself with a brilliant thrill in the eye that tells me, though my arms can never hold her, that I am glorious because I can love. her. image.

    Closing comments:

    Yeah, homer, never thought I had it in me, didja? I remember what is to be a boy. But I still got a heart like a house, and you're a good friend so you're already sitting in the living room. Just don't eat all the peanuts, okay?

    Doc Pruyne

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