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    Hello, we have an older hibiscus tree in the courtyard of the apartment complex; I am an assistant manager. The first 10 years I lived here it has bloomed and looked beautiful. Then about a year and a half ago the "new" landscaper "trimmed it". Since then it hasn't looked good at all. I have taken a few pictures and hope someone can give me advice on how to help her. My Dad is pictured with her so you could get an idea of her size; Dad is 6'2". Does anyone have any ideas on what type she is and how I can help her look healthy again? Thank you, Mary

    Front view of Hibiscus.jpg

    Back view of hibiscus.jpg

    Hibiscus bloom.jpg

    Size comparison of Hibiscus.jpg
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    I'm going to take a guess as I have only grown them indoors in my climate.
    First they need a lot of water.
    It looks like it may be trapped between to slabs of concrete.
    Second there seem to be a lot of old non productive wood on the base.
    I would get in there and cut out at least 20% of it and let that heal over then go back and get the rest off.
    I would also trim the top back to about 7 feet to allow the plant to bush out.

    The plant responds well to 20-20-20 fertiizer about every 2 -3 months.
    Try to water it every day and let us know how it makes out.

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