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Discussion in 'Cornus (dogwoods)' started by target64, Aug 29, 2006.

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    We have an Pink Dogwood that is about 30yrs old and is about 20 ft high. My wife and I move into this house about a year ago and when we moved in May 2005 the tree was on the tail end of a beautiful bloom. We could not wait for this year to come so we could watch it. This spring, 2006 there was one branch that bloomed and the rest did nothing. Some of the branches are brittle and leaves are blown. We had a bunch of Chafer bugs last year and have spayed with Merrit. Do you think the Soapy water thing might work on this too? We do have water restrictions here aswell. Any other suggestions would be great.
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    Could be the cutting off of irrigation. When low on water dogwoods often roll up their leaves, that would be a hint. Also look up "dogwood anthracnose", for starters--multiple disorders are known to occur in dogwoods, same as with other trees, plants, pets, children...

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