Off grid micro citrus greenhouse, peltier heater, solar powered.

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    Been a while 6 years or so I have checked in here but I have kept my citrus trees from Bob Duncan at Fruit trees and more alive. I have grafted with set fruit branches now for Meyer lemon with Cocktail grapefruit, Navel orange and lime. Also Yuzu with Cocktail grapefruit plus tree(s) of Pearl tangelo, kishu manderin, and the mother graft trees I used for mixes. It seems you can grow citrus in Canada. :) This year I rooted coffee tree cuttings that fruit I hope to add to greenhouse. Time to see what I missed. Is anyone trading fresh citrus cuttings locally yet? Factoid I researched: When the ornamental citrus pots in France of 1700s much of the "soil" was actually sand almost 90%. Roots love good drainage and good minerals so it came as not much of a surprise.

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