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    Poinsettia are short-day plants; which means they require a non-interrupted SD period (between 7-11 weeks) in order to initiate coloring.
    I grew 4 different Fisher crops during my 2nd year in Greenhouse/Nursery Management and took this one home with me, but haven't ever tried to give it a SD. You can understand my shock when a few weeks ago I started to notice my 'Sonora White' had bract coloring! The days are getting longer not shorter for petes sake! LOL! Now mind you the bracts are much smaller than they should be but still! I even have some cyathea starting to open! The plant sits in the living room where lights are frequently turned on and has been in the same location since 2005. It's never done this before and I don't know what caused it to do it now. Just thought it was rather strange and had to share it with you :)

    Here is a picture of what it would like under the right conditions. We had to take pictures to track height during the entire crop time. The next picture is the one at home taken this a.m....sorry bad quality with camera phone indoors. Just for the heck of it here is a picture of some of my crops.

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