Nutrients and toxicity storage.

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    I'm new to the group, hello :)

    I have a question about nutrient effects and toxicities in fruiting plants.

    I understand salts are first dissolved in water, then uptaken by xylem to the leaves, then, carbohydrates flow from the source cells to the sink cells, via osmosis, for storage and use.

    My question relates to the raw nutrients before photosynthesis, and toxicities. Im assuming the nutrients run freely throughout the xylem and phloem until captured by the chloroplast.

    If the plant doesn't use the nutrients because of excess, how would this effect the raw nutrients, and where do they go? In fruining plants, would this effect the taste, and looks? Would they remain chelated withing the water molecules or stagnant within a cell?

    Any information on this issue would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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