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Discussion in 'HortForum' started by lisaschsf, Oct 6, 2004.

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    Hello there. I am planning my upcoming wedding for either Nov or March in San Francisco. Looking for some recommendations on woody stem flowers/vines to use as arrangements. Some, but not all, of my wants are that they be in season (to cut down on cost), fragrant, lovely, and are able to make enough of a statement on their own. One option is Bougainvillea. Any ideas?

    Appreciate the feedback!
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    I am sure there are many beautiful shrubs available in San Francisco in March or November. I don't think Bougainvillea is a good option. The bracts tend to fall off quickly when the branches are cut or when the plants are moved. If you can identify sources in your area, people with lots of plants that they would be willing to have trimmed, the owners will know what looks best at the time you choose for your wedding. I think using arrangements made from nontraditional plants is a great idea, but be careful to use plants that hold their leaves and blossoms when they are cut.

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