Rhododendrons: Not all Rhodo buds opening (am I too impatient?)

Discussion in 'Ericaceae (rhododendrons, arbutus, etc.)' started by Freyja, May 22, 2009.

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    I may be jumping the gun on this, but had to ask.

    I have three Rhodos, only one of which bloomed last year, and that one had only one bunch of flowers. This past spring, I fertilized them, mulched with compost, and all three have exploded with new leaves and have several flowers too. They are looking the best they ever have.

    However, two of the plants also have several buds still not open. They have been that way for about three weeks now, never getting any larger. They haven't blackened or anything, but I wonder if there is something wrong with these buds. I was hoping for a few more flowers, but I'd say only about 1/3 of the buds have actually opened at this point.

    Am I being too impatient? When these plants have flowered in the past, all blooms came at the same time (although, granted, it was always a very sparse flowering).

    Also, if these buds don't open this year, should I still deadhead them (even though they didn't form into flowers)?


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