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  1. My husband and I inherited a Norfolk Pine from his late grandmother. The tree is doing quite well and has about 5 "layers" of branches (if that is what you call it). There is A LOT of empty space between the top of the soil and the bottom row of branches, is this normal? Most pics that I have seen show it having the rows of branches starting very close to the soil layer. Also, how large is this tree going to grow...the pot we have it in is about 1.5 feet across and the tree is about 4 feet tall. Is it going to get much taller than this as we live in a small apartment and are moving to a small house soon, where I was going to plant it outside - but after reading some earlier threads found out it does not survive in this region (Toronto, Ontario). Just wondering how to take care of it properly and how large it is going to get?
    Thank you.
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    These trees grow to 80 feet in their native habitat, but usually grow slowly and can be maintained as houseplants for a long time. Keep the tree in bright light, but not harsh direct sun. It likes a humid environment slightly cooler than room temperature. Keep evenly moist in summer, but allow soil to dry between waterings in winter. Use weak fertilizer in summer. Do not prune except to remove browned tips. All growth will stop where cuts are made (and on brown tips for that matter).
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    The Norfolk Island Pine grows to 200 ft tall in it's native habitat. I work at a nursery and the boss I work for has an* foot norfolk pine tree in the green house where he works. I have 2 nofolks , one that is 2-3 ft and one that is 4 ft in height. I hope my info will help you. Dogseadepression
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