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  1. I recently was searching for winged seeds under maples in the wasatch mountains in Utah, USA but could not find any. I did find what looked like the remainder of petals and possibly seed in the branches. I (being from New England) thought all maples have winged seeds.

    Are there varieties that don't have winged seeds?

    Terrance Davis
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    " The maple family (Aceracae): Deciduous trees and shrubs , with opposite, usually lobed, leaves and unusual winged fruits, or 'keys', similiar to ash fruits (Fraxinus) but in pairs. "

    from Trees of North America and Europe, Roger Phillips, Random House 1978, page 65.

    This description of the maple family may help you with your question.
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    Some maples flower in the spring and produce seed very quickly. They drop them in late spring or early summer. An example would be red maple, Acer rubrum, common on the east coast. I don't know much about which maples are native to Utah, but they may have produced winged seed in the spring and dropped them months ago. By now they would have sprouted or been eaten by wild life.

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