Non-hardy Fuschia starting

Discussion in 'Outdoor Gardening in the Pacific Northwest' started by janetdoyle, Jun 6, 2010.

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    What is the secret to successful transplanting from the small nursery pot to the larger planter? I have a mature fuschia basket with some space in it and wanted to add a couple of small starters in very pale pink-to-white in the available space to complement the rosy pink and white variety there now. They don't look too vigorous after several days... what should I be doing, or not doing? The basket is hanging in the shade in Victoria BC temperature and I have given the starter plants a transplanting fertilizer when planting -- and additionally, some root stimulator today when I noticed they were looking a bit shrivelled and weak... The landscaper who gave me the basket with the mature plants had a fairly peaty soil in it which I thought would dry out too fast so before planting I added some sea soil to add richness... I also added a few small Lobelia in and around the edge -- and one of those looks a bit wan too although the other two look promising. Too crowded? I can't imagine the little starters would know that yet... And it's very moist, but with drainage.
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    Janet, in my experience even hardy Fuschias sulk for about a week after being transplanted. They really don't like having their roots disturbed. Also, in nature, Fuchsias often grow in pretty terrible and depleted soils - you may have shocked them with too much nutrient.

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