Non-fruiting citrus trees

Discussion in 'Citrus' started by jill powell, Jul 11, 2006.

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    As you were so very helpful with my last problem I thought you would know the answers to the next problem.
    I live in Turkey where it is very dry and hot up in the 30's for most of the summer and perhaps one or two very slight frosts during the winter.

    This year my orange, lemon and grapefruit all flowered like crazy but even though we had some small fruits on the orange and grapefruit all have dropped off. The lemon has some fruits but they are not growing at all and we are still getting the odd blossom. We have had the trees for three years and had a small amount of fruit off the orange and lemon. We water about once a week and do fertilise the trees occasionally. It is very difficult to purchase things here in Turkey so have to do a lot of compromising.

    I have heard that citrus can fall into fruiting on alternate years, if this is so and what is happening to my trees what can I do to stop it. All the leaves and branches look very healthy.

    Many thanks


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