No plums or apples this year.

Discussion in 'Fruit and Nut Trees' started by dominique nonnon, Jul 4, 2022.

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    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    This is so strange, I am by Trout Lake in East Van and I have a dwarf apple tree (Pineaple Renette) and 2 plum trees (Reine-Claude) who are giving abondant fruits every year but this summer I could find only one plum and no apples at all. They did not flower but look healthy and produced the usual amount of leaves. I took a look at my neighboors italian plum trees and same thing, no fruits at all on her 3 plum trees. Did that happen to anybody else?
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    Burnaby, Canada
    Some varieties on my plum tree produced no fruit, and my apple trees produced less fruit than usual due to the cool wet spring. However, they all produced the usual amount of blossoms.
  3. D97x7

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    Somerset, England
    I can't speak of apples and plums but there's a distinct lack of sloes this year in my area, Somerset UK, I usually like to make sloe bourbon for Christmas presents but that won't be happening this time.
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    Vancouver, BC
    I believe the cool wet spring and so-so warmth we've had so far this year has contributed greatly to the lack of fruit.

    My trees are all lush and extremely healthy - even my pear tree shows no sign of pear rust at all this year - but no fruit. There were many blossoms but I did notice a lack of bees in March and April - again, due to the cool weather? None of my figs have produced a first crop (waiting to see if the second crop will appear), the pear has only a handful of fruit and the apple (a red delicious which we usually end up giving away 20 - 30kg of fruit after we've finished collecting what we want) has maybe a dozen that I can see. For whatever reason only the cherry seems to be bucking the trend and we just harvested that crop yesterday before they split due to the rain...

    What I have noticed is that some of the small fruits are also going against the trend. Raspberries are struggling but currents, gooseberries and kiwis are absolutely loaded with fruits, as are my mulberries (which the chickadees are feasting on the unripe fruit as I type this).

    Although I will miss the fresh fruits I think a year's rest from producing fruit will be good for some of my trees but that means that I too will not be giving away many jams and jellies for Christmas. And it should be interested to see how this weather will affect the availability - and cost - of store bought "local" fruits later this year.

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