Appreciation: NHK 93 yr old cherry blossom specialist documentary

Discussion in 'Ornamental Cherries' started by wcutler, May 12, 2021.

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    Thank you, Wendy. I hadn't seen this TV program.
    Toemon Sato is very famous as a cherry Gradian and wrote many books. He must be 94 this year and still alive.
    I have been to his house once. It's open for cherry viewing. I hadn't posted these pictures. They must have been Day 2 of my Kyoto trip in 2013.
    20130326_Kyoto3_Izaki 005.JPG 20130326_Kyoto3_Izaki 022B_SanoCerryField.JPG 20130326_Kyoto3_Izaki 035_SanoCerryField.JPG 20130326_Kyoto3_Izaki 041_SanoCerryField.JPG 20130326_Kyoto3_Izaki 043_SanoCerryField.JPG
    He is makeing new Cherries from seeding.
    In Japan many people are trying to make a new unique beautiful cherry of his own or his province. Why don't you try these things?

    By the way, I found a NHK Video and YouTube about cherries in Hirosaki Park. One Somei-yoshino there are supposed to be the oldest Somei-yoshino. It's more than 120 years old.
    I haven't seen it but people in Koishikawa Botanical Garden say they have older one. As far as I see in the video, I have seen thicker trunks in Tokyo.
    I hoped to visit this year but I couldn't because of COVID-19.
    Anyway, if you have time, please watch them. In They prune cherry branches. In Japan people said "The fool who cut the cherry tree, the fool who don't cut plum tree." But good pruning make the cherry healthy and prevents cherries from falling by stormy wind.

    Spring Splendor of Hirosaki
    Spring Splendor in Hirosaki - Hometown Stories | NHK WORLD-JAPAN On Demand
    YouTube 2021 
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