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    Hello! I just joined this forum because today I bought my first lemon tree. It is a Eureka, and I just purchased it from the super market. I intend to keep it potted inside for maybe a year or two. The tree looks pretty small maybe more more then 12 inches tall. I am not sure how big Eurekas get, but I guess the point I am trying to get to is how I should repot the tree. Right now it is in a plastic pot, and I am going to transfer it over to a terra cotta pot thats a tiny bit bigger. Is there any suggestions on types of soil, or any fertilizer additives I can use in order to keep my tree healthy. I also noticed some small flies on it. Is there any safe way to get rid of them? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you for all the help and feedback!
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    In a nutshell...

    The soil, whichever medium you decide on, should be moisture-retentive but quick to drain. Allow the top 2-3" of soil to dry between waterings. A high-nitrogen fertilizer for acid-loving plants would be suitable for citrus; choose one which contains micronutrients otherwise a separate supplement will be needed. Some growers find terra cotta pots less than ideal as the material draws too much moisture from the soil - you may want to investigate further. Your decision to move to a slightly bigger pot is a good one as it is a common mistake to over-pot which makes the tree more susceptible to root rot.

    As you'll be growing your tree indoors try to find a location that receives a large amount of light such as behind a south-facing window. Also watch out for drafts from nearby heat vents which have a drying effect. Try to maintain a humidity level between 40-60%.

    As for the small flies, they could be fungus gnats (black) which aren't really a problem unless there are many of them, or they could be more destructive pests such as aphids or white flies. You could use insecticidal soap for control. Others have had success by simply hosing down their trees with stiff sprays of water. Be sure to repeat the spray several times at 5- to 7-day intervals whichever method you choose.

    You'll find more detailed answers to your questions by scanning the posts in the Citrus forum.

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