New Tallest Pines: 4x trees. Tallest Ponderosa: 6x

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    Closest forum category that came to mind. Conifers is archived. And this is not in the mainstream news yet (News sources are interested, but we are holding-off while searching a bit more forest).

    January, 3 & 9, 2011, we (Taylor & Vaden) discovered 4 new world's tallest known pines (of any species).

    The tallest, in feet, were: 268.35' ~ 266' ~ 262' ~ 259.5'

    For those in metric, The 268.35 feet pine, is 81.79 meters.

    None of these have huge diameters.

    Will keep this post brief, because that page will have various updates and edits if needed. A little info about the tallest sugar pine is included. We measured that yesterday in a separate national forest.

    These should be the subspecies Benthamiana of Pinus ponderosa. The location is the Siskiyou National Forest in Oregon.

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    I hope that these pines are in a protected forest. Otherwise, Ikea would be really interested.

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