New Plants - Signs of Disease

Discussion in 'Cornus (dogwoods)' started by Unregistered, May 30, 2005.

  1. In March, I planted three white dogwoods. One has produced leaves and is thriving. The other two have produced no leaves and show no signs of growth, yet are still alive (a scratch of the trunk shows green). I received them as dormants, through the mail from a national non-profit seller; each was 2-3' in height. I live in the Oklahoma City area, where the soil is generally clay, although I planted the trees in black "dirt" (bags from the local store) with some of the native soil and peat moss mixed in. I've watered them regularly, although careful not to over-water. My guess is that the trees are diseased or rotting -- another sappling, that I had planted dormant in early December but dug up when it became clear that it was dead, had a fungus-like growth in a portion of its roots.
    My question is, should I give up on the two non-flourishing dogwoods, or wait it out in the hopes that dormant trees sometimes take an extra-long time to start. I'm guessing give up. However, I wanted to first ask someone knowledgable.
    Any comments are appreciated.

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