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Discussion in 'Orchidaceae (orchids)' started by swfla, Jun 30, 2007.

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    I've just received several orchid plants, need assistance in caring for them.
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    You're going to receive a lot of differing opinions from orchid growers. Some believe you can never get water on the leaves or flowers, others grow them like they live in the rain forest. And most grow them in a modified fashion.

    I'm giving you a couple of links that may help you begin to decide what works best for you. But don't believe everything anyone tells you instantly! Many growers use differing methods and are still successful. I just prefer to grow them as they grow in the wild. Most of the techniques I recommend were developed by successful major orchid growers in south Florida and Hawaii. orchids.html

    Good luck! You'll enjoy watching them bloom year after year.

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