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  1. I'm a resident of NYC living in a brownstone in Greenwich Village. I have around 50 orchids, all grown in the southern windows of my living room. Excuse my ignorance, but is there a forum here exclusively for orchid growers? (I can't seem to find it.) My problem, however, is not exclusively about orchids, but about a freak infestation of ants that are stampeding into my growing room. (Yes, I've been diligent about scale, etc., but I think the main attraction is the 14 fragrant bloomers I have now -- catts and dendrobiums). Is there an appropriate site here to ask about pest control? My navigation skills on this forum are pretty weak, so forgive the elementary questions.
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    Hello Michael, welcome to the Forums. That sounds like a nice collection of orchids. We do not have a forum dedicated to orchids here...yet. The best place for questions about orchids would be Hortboard. There is an Integrated Pest Management Forum to cover all pest related issues.

    We have not gotten enough posts to set up a separate forum for orchids. Most of the forums deal with garden plants. We may need to set up a forum for Indoor and Greenhouse plants if interest continues to grow.
  3. Thanks, Eric. I'll try the Hortboard.

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