New Fireglow Japanese Maple Problem

Discussion in 'Maples' started by Jim Porter, Jun 2, 2004.

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    This tree was purchase early in March, planted end of March. Initially new leaves developed and the tree appeared health. Recently some of the leaves appear to be dying. The red colouring of the leaves starts to fade from the tips to be replace by a very light brown which gradually covers the whole leaf.
    The leaf then starts to shrivel up as though dying.

    I would appreciate help in knowing what is happening to this tree and whether anything or not can be done to find a cure,
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    Jim, is this happening all over the tree? Need more info to help diagnose.
  3. My trees are two years old and are doing the same thing.

    Could it be too much sunshine?
  4. My Fireglow

    I have a little fireglow that's in it's second summer. When I bought it online it was only a few inches high. I'm in Middle Tennessee, so the summers get pretty hot here. It' gets quite a bit of sun in mid summer and last year I noticed some burning of the leaves and leaf loss. But new leaves came back pretty quickly. I have the plant well mulched.

    I'm really a beginning gardner, mainly trees, shrubs and grass at the moment, so my ideas might not be the best.

    I have clay soil. I read a post by a gardener from japan, who supposedly grew many japanese maples. He said you can grow japanese maples in full sun if they are planted in clay soil, and then properly watered. Wind and heat cause a lot of mosture loss in the leaves which is why the burn. On the other hand, my mother had problems with leave loss and branch dying because of over-watering. I think she's found the Japense Maple Zen, though, and hers are doing fine.

    This year, I'm trying some experiments. First, I put a tree-tube around my little tree. It's an opaque-green narrow tube mainly used by tree farmers. (I found a site that online that would sell me a pack of five tubes.) I cut it down to three feet in height. Man, that really worked. The tree has tripled it's height and is about to grow out of the tube.

    I've also been fertilizing with water from my aquarium mixed with seaweed extract.

    I am going to try an anti-transpirant (Wilt Pruf) on the leaves to prevent water loss during the summer.

    If I have problems with too much leave burn (I will have to defer to people with more expertise to say if that is what you are experiencing.), I may transplant to a shadier location. However, I have seen a number of large very healthy japenese maples growning here in middle tennessee out in the open with full sun. Usually they are of the bloodgood variety, which as I understand, fireglow has very similar charateristics.

    Hope I'm not confusing the issue.


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